Workshops provide a space for partners of the initiative to explore key issues and develop programs to address these issues through education, research and building cooperation networks. The main areas of focus for workshops are:

  • Curriculum review for graduate programs in biodiversity conservation science. Contact: Javier Maldonado
  • Working groups of experts in key research needs in the Andean Amazon. Contact:  Elizabeth Anderson
  • Context for conservation in the Colombian Amazon: geology, biogeography, climate and human dimensions. Contact:  Javier Maldonado

Upcoming Workshops:

June 2015: Second Curriculum Review Workshop
June 2015: Inter-University Coordination Workshop

Workshops Held to Date:

June 2015: “Rios Vivos Andinos” Workshop: Prioritizing Research, Bogota, DC 

May 2014: Strategic Coordination Workshop, Bogota, DC

March 2013: First Curriculum Review Workshop: Integrating Experiences for Strengthening Academic Programs, Bogota, DC