Partners for Conservation in the Colombian Amazon has a scholarship program as part of its goal of strengthening the institutions of higher education coordinating the initiative. The initiative currently offers two types of scholarships:

  • Masters in Biodiversity Conservation in the Amazon region of Colombia 
  • Research in Biodiversity Conservation of the Colombian Amazon

The purpose of the scholarships for graduate studies is to promote the education of students interested in the conservation of biodiversity and natural resource management in the Colombian Amazon by providing financial support through partial or full scholarships. The calls are directed to university graduate students, researchers, and teachers committed to the conservation of biodiversity and natural resource management in the Colombian Amazon. For more information on research grants, see our Research page.

Open Calls

We do not have any open calls at this moment. Please check again at a later time.

Winners of previous master’s studies scholarships

  • Carolina Barbero Cárdenas, Pontificia Universidad Javeriana
  • Angela García Jiménez, Pontificia Universidad Javeriana
  • Jhonatan Gutiérrez Garaviz,Universidad de la Amazonia
  • Gina Ximena Macías Garzón, Universidad de la Amazonia
  • Liliana Muñoz Paredes, Universidad de la Amazonia
  • Gloria Magally Paladines Beltrán, Universidad de la Amazonia
  • Claudia Patricia Rivera Lima, Universidad de la Amazonia
  • Yolanda Nathalie Rosales Cuervo, Universidad Nacional de Colombia- Sede Amazonia
  • Diego Huseth Ruiz Valderrama, Universidad de la Amazonia
  • Yasodhara Marieth Salas Tobón, Universidad de la Amazonia
  • Yudy Lorena Silva Ortíz, Universidad de la Amazonia
  • Victor Julio Setina Liz, Universidad Nacional de Colombia- Sede Amazonia
  • William Fernando Trujillo Calderón, Pontificia Universidad Javeriana