Amazon River

Located in the heart of the largest tropical forest in the world. Has a length of 6,500 kilometers starting from the Andes mountains and crosses all of South America.

People of the Amazon

The livelihoods of the inhabitants of the Amazon forest depend largely on the natural resources around them. Biodiversity is an integral part of their territory and culture for the people of the southern region of the Colombian Amazon.

Amazon Forests

30% of amazonian forests are found in the headwaters of the river, located in the Colombian, Bolivian, Ecuadorian, and Peruvian Andes. Exceptional biological and cultural diversity can be found that is of great regional and global importance.

About Us

Partners for Conservation in the Colombian Amazon aims to put the strengths of academic institutions to work towards biodiversity conservation in the Amazon region. Our goal is to improve scientific understanding of the unique ecosystems of the Andean Amazon of Colombia by strengthening education and research capacity in the country. At its core, Partners for Conservation is a collaboration between four universities – Florida International University (Miami, Florida, USA), Pontificia Universidad Javeriana (Bogota, Colombia), Universidad de la Amazonia (Florencia, Colombia) and the Universidad Nacional- Sede Amazonia (Leticia, Colombia), which are then linked with the government, NGOs and the private sector to support this common goal.

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Open calls: Here you will find a list of open calls for scholarships, research opportunities, and courses for students, researchers, and teachers.  [clear][spacer]

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